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Wonders of Nature Opens Second Location

By Becky Streeter

The beginning of the year marked a special occasion for Wonders of Nature: owner Chris Buske opened a second location! Conveniently located at 1901 Brackett Ave, the new space is easy to get to on your way home from work, and has a lot more parking available. Still offering all the same products as the downtown storefront, this location provides a calmer setting for more intimate conversations about your CBD or THC needs and wants.

Buske’s mission through Wonders of Nature is to reach people and help them to the best of his ability. Buske says, “A very important part of the service I provide is educating people on how to properly use the products in order to receive the most effective benefits.” Candid conversation is essential to getting people what they need. However, because the downtown flagship store is connected to the cafe, it can sometimes be a little chaotic for someone who might be at Wonders of Nature for a personal or sensitive matter. Thus, Buske decided to open his second store, creating a designated space for private consultations.

While walk-ins are still welcome, Buske, with a previous career as an orthopedic massage therapist, wanted to get back to more of the clinical approach with cannabis. At the Brackett Ave store, he will assess customer’s individual needs, suggest a protocol for products, dosages and uses that will best fit each customer, and complete follow-ups and check-ins. Offering two different locations, one with a private setting and another with a low-key cafe setting, Wonders of Nature can really tailor to anyone’s comfortability level around cannabis.

Buske is continually working to break down the stigma around cannabis, and transparency and authenticity are key factors in doing so. Wonders of Nature is the only cannabis retailer in Eau Claire to sell all natural THC products, no synthetics. “Most stores are heavily leaning on synthetic products like Delta8, Delta10, THCO, and HHC,” Buske says. “I pulled all the synthetics off my shelves because of safety concerns and the adverse reactions many users are reporting with their continued use. Everything I sell is 100% cannabis, and 100% natural.”

Buske is confident in his products because he knows exactly where they come from. Sustainable and organic practices are important to Buske, and he works with a variety of farmers, including three in Wisconsin, who share his values. You can read about all of them on the Wonders of Nature website or throughout his stores. Buske says, “I like to give the farmers credit: where they’re located, their mission and philosophy when it comes to cannabis. The connection between farmer, product and retailer is important to me. I’ve always enjoyed learning the story behind products and where they come from because it adds value to the product and experience.”

The Brackett Ave location currently has limited hours until they really get up and going. Monday, Wednesday, Friday they’re open from 3:30 to 6pm for walk-ins. Tuesdays and Thursday are by appointment only. You can make appointments by sending a Facebook message (, online at or by phone (715) 497-8740. Additionally, Wonders of Nature now offers a free delivery service for Eau Claire and surrounding areas and free shipping if you can’t make it to the shop.

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