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Weaver’s Celebrates 30 Years!

By Katy Hacksworthy

Weaver’s, a humble country store just East of Fall Creek, is celebrating 30 years of bringing natural, seasonal, and bulk goods to the Chippewa Valley, and now is as good a time as any to make the small trek to the locally focused, personable and reasonable purveyor.

The Weavers, a Mennonite couple with a family history of owning and operating stores that specialize in bulk items, are happy of the longevity of the business and their emphasis on local goods before it was trendy. The family started out in a 2,400 square-foot store, but by 2003, they outgrew the space. Their current 11,500 square foot emporium even does it’s own part for Mother Nature and is sustainbly producing ALL it’s own electricity from the new solar system array recently installed.

Their family home is nestled next to the store, adding to the homey appeal. They also highlight the comforting appeal of simpler times, with their store pamphlet encouraging customers to “take a step back in time”.

Weaver’s menagerie of bulk items include baking supplies, coffee, and their own blended signature snack mixes, as well as seasonal produce & flowers for a fair price. Classics include the homemade candies and organic nut butters, and folks looking to reduce their carbon footprint can rejoice in the reduced packaging resulting from a focus on buying bulk. After all, as store owner James Weaver points out, “no one eats cereal boxes”.

In addition to generous hauls of bulk goods, the memorable, positive customer service experience makes heading to Weaver’s well worth the trip. As shoppers make their way through the store, they’re serenaded by recordings of Mennonite choirs singing hymns as well as warm smiles from the many Weavers who help out with the family business.

Stop in today to witness the magic! Truly a destination store for:

• Locally made crafts, • Local produce, • Organic and gluten free grains and flours, • Locally produced A2A2 milk and yogurt, • Organic frozen fruit and vegetables, • Frozen ready to bake bread dough, cookies, pies, pastries, ect, • Maintanence free poly lawn furniture, • Fall mums and planters starting late August!

It’s not difficult to see why folks from all over the area, from Superior to Milwaukee, Green Bay to the Twin Cities, travel to Weaver’s! Their dedication to providing quality bulk products at a fair price have made them a pillar in our community, and it’s no surprise their business has been thriving for 30 years strong.

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