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Fun Guy Farm Fresh Mushrooms and How to Cook Them

By Becky Streeter

Spring is here, and that means it’s mushroom time! (Although, it’s always mushroom time at Fun Guy Farm.) With the warmer weather, we tend to gravitate towards fresher meals. Whether you are a mushroom aficionado or not, there are many ways to prepare and cook fresh mushrooms, and Steve Scholtz at Fun Guy Farm has the scoop.

“The methods of cooking mushrooms vary from a simple sauté or stir fry to more elaborate dishes such as lion’s mane mushroom ‘crab’ cakes,” Scholtz says. “Most mushrooms will absorb the flavor of the seasonings and other items they are cooked with and impart a wonderful umami flavor to the dish.” 

Here are some great ways to cook a few popular mushrooms:

Lion’s Mane - Can be made into “steak” by a quick dry fry without oil, giving it a firmer texture. It is also a great seafood replacement.

King Trumpet - Can be marinated before grilling, crosscut to make a faux scallop, or shredded and barbecued to make a great pulled mushroom sandwich.

Black Pearls - Have a meaty stem that can be a nice tofu replacement. Like King Trumpet, Black Pearls are wonderful meat replacements for those looking to eat a more plant-based diet, even though mushrooms are not plants.

When cooking, keep the temperature in mind. “Mushrooms need to be cooked to 160 F to break down the cellular walls so our bodies can absorb the nutrients,” says Scholtz. “However, temperatures over 190 F can diminish some of the medicinal compounds found in the mushrooms.”

Being located in a warehouse, Fun Guy Farm has the ability to grow any mushroom at any time of the year, but they do like to rotate in some seasonal varieties that grow naturally in warmer climates, such as pink and golden oyster mushrooms–watch for these beauties at farmers markets! And for those looking to start their own outdoor mushroom beds, keep an eye out for their almond agaricus and wine cap spawn.

To purchase fresh mushrooms, visit Fun Guy Farm on Western Ave in Eau Claire. And soon you can also find them, along with lots of other great fresh foods, at the following markets:

Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market

Menomonie Farmer Market

Chippewa Falls Festival Foods Farmers Market

The Country Lane Market in Barron, WI

Try this recipe: 

Sauté mushrooms and finish them off with heavy whipping cream and parmesan cheese. This makes a delicious mushroom cream sauce that can be enjoyed over pasta, risotto, or any meat.

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