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Fresh, Local Mushrooms All Year Long

If you’re a mushroom-lover, or brave enough to try something new, you are in for a treat. Now you can purchase fresh, locally grown mushrooms all year long, right here in Eau Claire at Fun Guy Farm. 

Steve Scholtz, owner and farmer of Fun Guy Farm, started growing mushrooms as a hobby. He had been foraging wild mushrooms for more than two decades when he learned about a technique to grow them indoors and all year long. No more waiting for the perfect time or conditions to go hunting, he could grow them in his own backyard shed! The new technique however, worked a little too well, and he had way more mushrooms than he could eat or give away. He started selling his excess at the Eau Claire Farmers Market, and experienced huge success, so he decided to open a business.

Fun Guy Farm, located in a warehouse on the north side of Eau Claire, opened mid-December in 2023 and, just as their reception at the farmers market, business has exceeded expectations. They sell fresh mushrooms including oyster, lion’s mane, chestnut, enoki, and king trumpet, as well as tinctures made from lion’s mane, reishi, chaga turkey tail and maitake. They also offer dehydrated mushrooms, freeze-dried mushrooms, seasoning powders, supplements, and coffee, tea and gummies. If you’re interested in trying your own hand at growing mushrooms, you can pick up cultivation supplies from the store, too.

Scholtz first became interested in growing his own mushrooms because of the natural, medicinal properties they provide when ingested. Scholtz says, “Our mushrooms are locally grown, healthy and fresh, offering many health benefits such as immune support, anti-inflammatory effect, helping to control blood sugar regulation and cholesterol. They also promote a healthy digestive tract by strengthening healthy gut microbes.”

The mushrooms at Fun Guy Farm are also more flavorful than store-bought mushrooms. According to Scholtz, 90% of United States grown button, cremini and portobello mushrooms come from Pennsylvania and are shipped throughout the country. That means the product you purchase at the store is likely not very fresh. Scholtz says, “We have had many customers tell us they do not like mushrooms (while they reluctantly purchased mushrooms) only to return and become regular customers telling us how good our mushrooms are. When that happens, we just smile and nod.” There is a noticeable difference between eating something the day it was picked versus days or weeks after it was picked, and people are definitely noticing at Fun Guy Farm.

So if you’re looking to try something new, fresh and locally grown, head over to Fun Guy Farm at 2324 Western Avenue. You can also purchase items via their website The storefront is open from 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday, but since the farm is at the same location as the store, if the staff is on site, you can go in and take a look around. You will likely be leaving with some tasty, healthy and healthful products to which Scholtz will say as you go, “See you soon!” 

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