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The Hefty Price of Holiday Cheer

The Holidays are a time for family and friends to come together over a smorgasbord of cream cheese appetizers and chocolate covered everything. In fact, Americans are the number one chocolate consumer in the world. And while you and I enjoying a chocolate dunked cherry truffle sounds delicious, for your pets, it can be very harmful.

In a survey of pet-related medical claims, Nationwide Insurance says holiday hazards that our pets are exposed to for two months can be very dangerous to their health and costly to boot!

On average, here are some of the medical expenses you could be looking at if not careful!

Electrical Shocks - $393

Plant Poisonings - $566

Intestinal Ingestion of Foreign Objects - $1181

Food/Alcohol/ Chocolate Toxicity - $330-$430

Candle Burns - $184

Shiny Ornament Lacerations - $693

We all love the joy that decorating the tree inspires, or how the warm Christmas cookies tastebut for our pets, we need to be on guard. Cats will jump at shiny, dangling ornaments and dogs will drink any standing liquid.

So for this holiday season, consider accommodations for your fur baby if you are out for a lot of the day or leaving for a few days to visit family and can’t take them with you.

Ruff Life Pet Hotel in Chippewa Falls welcomes your pet as their own. Ruff Life Pet Hotel owners were inspired by their love of two dogs, Bailey and Lucy, who are now in puppy heaven to create a place that was a “home away from home” for all cats and dogs to stay when they cannot be with their owners.

“We wanted a place that was safe and fun with the comforts of home to make the time apart not as stressful for both owner and pet. We welcome all kinds of breeds and have structured the facility in a way that is even great for pets with special needs.“

“Pets tend to get into mischief - like playing with your favorite shiny ornaments your great-grandmother gave you - when they are separated from their owners or when extra people are in their home.”

You can breathe a sigh of relief this year knowing once the Jingle Bells can be heard over the airways, your pets can be safe from the many holiday hazards!

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