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Stress Relief and Your Skin

By Sarah Green, Owner & Licensed Aesthetician, CLT – Sakura Skin Spa

Stress. It’s something we ALL face. Some of the people most affected by stress? Moms! Just ask my mom, Patti! It was, of course, my other three siblings that caused her stress and not myself…. (she’s rolling her eyes at this moment, I can assure you, as she reads this!).

Stress affects everyone, and unfortunately sometimes when we need stress relief the most we are unable to do certain treatments or use certain products, such as during pregnancy.

Here are some excellent alternatives for everyday stress relief that are safe and effective for everyone!

  1. Organic or Natural facials. At Sakura we offer Organic Naturopathica or 97 percent Natural FarmHouse Fresh products. Both are centered on attacking stress with their luxurious and aromatherapeutic properties! Safe for everyone, including moms-to-be and nursing clients, help keep your skin in check with a fabulous facial. Facials are a great way to unwind but also to get a results-orientated treatment. One of our licensed aestheticians will help customize a treatment that is perfect for you. Some clients prefer to pick their facial from our very LARGE facial menu also.

  2. At home Naturopathica or FarmHouse Fresh products. They aren’t just for “in-spa!” Create your own peaceful escape within your own home. These products offer bath salts, oils, body scrubs, lotions, and masks to help you slip away into that world of relaxation! Melt away your stress without leaving your own house.

  3. A Fire & Ice facial. This Innovative Skin Care treatment will leave you with soft, exfoliated, and hydrated skin without any worry during pregnancy or nursing. This 18 percent sugar cane glycolic treatment gently, yet effectively, rapidly resurfaces your skin, leaving you with a polished skin. Throw on the rejuvenating mask, and you’re left with hydrated, polished skin. Perfect to do before an event or before tackling grocery shopping with the kiddos, as there is no downtime!

  4. Back Facials. While this isn’t always the best treatment for a woman who is pregnant, this is an excellent stress reliever. This treatment is a full “facial” treatment but for your back! While using warm steam and towels, your Aesthetician will cleanse, exfoliate and massage your back. They then will finish with customized treatment products to help hydrate and protect your skin.

  5. Who doesn’t love- or NEED- a fabulous massage? While we don’t personally offer massage at Sakura, we are proud to partner with Sans Souci massage of Altoona, Wisconsin. Owners Katie and Candace and their staff offer exceptional quality massages with years of experience in treating people in the Chippewa Valley. For our clients who would like to experience a facial AND massage, Sans Souci will send over one of their fabulous therapists to help us create the ultimate spa day! Looking for just a massage? We highly suggest giving these ladies a visit. They will help customize a massage that is just right for you and your needs. They also offer pregnancy massages. (Just ask my sister, Rachel, Katie was a life saver for her during her second pregnancy!)

  6. It is amazing what a little diffused goodness can do for you. We personally use a YoungLiving diffuser and essential oils at Sakura to help greet our guests with a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. I also personally use one in my home. You can find just the right blend to soothe your needs. Essential oils can be exceptionally effective in helping with insomnia, stress, anxiety, and even with those blues we can all get. These oils can be applied topically, ingested, diffused, sprayed, or dropped in a hot bath. Whatever fits your lifestyle and mood!

Finding just the right balance in our lives to help combat stress is so important. So many people view a “spa” day as just an indulgence or just for special occasions, but in reality in can be so imperative to be sure we are taking care of not just our outer appearance, but also our mental well-being. A great spa treatment can do both.

Cheers to a happy, stress free life!

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