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How to Use Cannabis for Better Sleep

By Becky Streeter

Most people have problems falling and/or staying asleep at some point in their lives. Stress and anxiety can stem from life situations, pain and inflammation, even digestion. Whatever stressor is keeping you up at night, Chris Buske, owner of Wonders of Nature in Eau Claire, believes that CBD and THC might help you get back on track.

Often, people suffering with sleep problems have likely and unknowingly trained their own bodies to be in a constant state of fight or flight. According to Buske, “Sleep issues may be a warning sign or symptom that a person’s autonomic nervous system has been conditioned from day-to-day life or traumas to be hyper-alert. When that happens, we can’t just easily shut it off and go to sleep.” That is where CBD can come into play.

CBD provides a general sense of well-being and may help reset the body’s stress response. Chronic stress can cause weakened immune system, susceptibility to autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular stress, indigestion, and mental health concerns. “If we use CBD daily and throughout the day, along with other stress-reducing practices, we support the parasympathetic nervous system,” says Buske. “This may reduce inflammation levels and reset the body to a new normal, a homeostasis, where it can use its own natural healing capabilities to reduce dysfunction being created by daily life.”

Buske starts customers off with Wonders of Nature’s Full Spectrum CBD Rich Hemp Extract three times per day. It’s not enough to typically make a person feel sleepy, but they will accumulate the benefits throughout the day. People usually feel the effects gradually over the first few days, and then really start to notice better sleep within two weeks. 

If CBD isn’t quite enough on its own, THC in small doses may help a person become drowsy and can enhance the benefits of CBD for sleep. Buske says to use CBD during the day and THC at night, when you’re in the comforts of your own home. As every situation and individual is different, Buske recommends starting low with THC and titrating up. “You don’t want to take any more than is needed to get the desired benefits,” he says. “More is not better–it’s finding that happy amount that works for the individual.”

If you’re new to CBD and THC, Wonders of Nature is a great place to start. They sell high quality, federally legal products and make sure to speak with customers about their situations and needs before making specific recommendations. Buske says, “After using our products for a while, people might notice improvements in other areas of their lives they didn’t even associate with the stress that’s keeping them up at night. By treating one problem correctly, we actually treat others, too.”

For more information, visit their website at, or stop by the Wonders of Nature storefront at 416 SouthBarstow St. in Eau Claire. 715-497-8740

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