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Positive Pointers for the Holidays

We have the power to reduce or change stresses in our everyday lives, now and around the holidays. Yes, these are not normal times and we all have been affected by the global COVID pandemic. Nature is creating many challenges, which may affect people economically, emotionally, and physically. Really, as you are reading this now, it is time for some real hugs to feed the hearts and souls of our children, first responders, teachers, postal staff, doctors, nurses, and pretty much everyone you meet.

If you’re feeling a little blue, here are some positive pointers to help you address your stress:

1. Pause. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat five times. Pick a positive word or affirmation to think on or say with each inhale and exhale, such as “I can be peaceful. I live in peace, I share peace, I enjoy peace. I am peace.”

Doing this gives you a positive pause moment. That did not take long. Share this with kids by asking them to pick the positive word for the day.

2. Perceive what is and is not working for you. Be truthful. If you are one of many whose office is now at home in the bedroom, but it’s hard to focus because your body is constantly uncomfortable or your mind distracted, see where else you could move. Maybe even make interior design changes that would create a better, healthier place for you to work.*

3. Proactive—be proactive. We all do better with a daily schedule. If I know what is coming up, I can plan for it. My daily routine helps to start my day. I like my bed made in the morning after I am up. Our kiddos need routines, too, even if they are home-schooled or virtual learning. They need a routine: get up, make your bed before breakfast, school starts at ___, recess time at ____, etc. And don’t forget we all need time to move our bodies. Exercise needs a place in your daily schedule. Move your body.*

*Being perceptive and proactive also means doing what is needed in order to be safe. Right now we all need to be wearing face coverings in public, social distancing, and washing our hands.

4. Be approachable, not perfect. For the work-from-home workers, your “work mode” doesn’t always present well to everyday people and family. Office workers, smiles still show up even when you wear a mask. To both groups: smile.

5. Last - Please remind loved ones, and yourself: “I love you.”

This list has something for everyone. Pick one to create positive changes that can be used now and beyond the holidays.

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