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Pediatric Chiropractics and Why It Matters

Interview with Pediatric Chiropractor Lauryn Brunclik of Blue Hills Chiropractic in Cumberland, WI

1. Please explain more about what is happening in Wisconsin on Thursday, October 29. October 29 of this year is a special day, because as far as we’re aware, this is the first time chiropractors have collaborated on a state level to get a message out. The mission is to educate as many people as possible of the importance of pediatric chiropractic, and to do it united as a profession.

2. Why is pediatric chiropractic so important? If you think about chiropractors as “back pain doctors” then pediatric chiropractic doesn’t really make sense. But if you think about chiropractors correctly—as “doctors of the nervous system”—then it begins to make sense. If a child has misalignments in the spine, it can inhibit the nervous system’s ability to function and create problems with growth and development.

3. How do kids get misaligned? Often it starts with birth. A few studies have found that between 80 to 95 percent of newborns are misaligned from the birth process. In my experience, it’s an even higher percentage than that, though. Birth is “traumatic” on not just the mother. Then these children sit in car seats for extended time, get carried awkwardly, begin to walk and fall on their butt a few thousand times, ride a bike, fall off monkey bars, and then start playing contact sports. Where these misalignments come from is a no-brainer!

4. What does a kid getting adjusted look like? Adjustments to children are very gentle and light. Babies and young children often smile and are happy through the entire thing. Chiropractors use the correct pressure for every adjustment. For children, the pressure is very light to accomplish the necessary changes.

5. How do I know if my child is misaligned if they don’t or can’t say they’re in pain? Well pain is a really bad indicator of if anyone is out of alignment—even adults. Symptoms can be vast and wide ranging, since as we said, misalignments affect the nervous system, and your nervous system is like the “circuit breaker” for your body. Most often parents see symptoms such as difficultysleeping, colic, reflux,ear infections, constipation, night terrors, or asthma lessen or go away once their child is in alignment and functioning optimally. But truly the only way to know if your child has misalignments is to have them checked by a chiropractor.

6. Why isn’t this more common information? Unfortunately, we have done a poor job as a profession educating the public of the importance of a chiropractic assessment for children. This organized campaign is designed to correct this. Millions of children have already experienced the health benefits of chiropracticcare; we feel everyone should have the same opportunity.If you want more information on having your child checked for misalignments, the answer is probably right

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