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Optimal Health During Pregnancy

by Judy Soborowicz, Active Health Chiropractic

Pregnancy brings about a wide array of physiological and physical changes—thus, proper movement, nutrition, rest, and support of the mother and developing baby are essential. Chiropractic care during pregnancy focuses on healthy posture, movement, and nerve system function. Optimal health of the baby and mother is directly connected to the optimal function of the nerve system. Natural, drug-free chiropractic provides the foundation for a more comfortable expectant mother and benefits for the baby-to-be.

Balance of the spine and postural systems are key to cohesive integration of all body functions including digestion, sleep, movement, circulation, immune function, labor, and delivery. As pregnancy progresses, the changing load on the expectant mothers’ postural muscles may result in loss of flexibility and pain in muscles and nerves of the back and pelvis. Persistent spinal stress can lead to pinched nerves, restricted movement and weakened postural stability. Imbalances intensify previous low back or neck injuries or misalignments of the pelvis/low back, knee, ankle, or hip. Muscle tone and conditioning accompanies proper movement and provides support through pregnancy as the pelvis and spine posture adapt to the changing center of gravity. Chiropractic specifically addresses optimal posture, providing adjustments to gently relieve spinal joint stress and restore ideal nerve flow and stability.

Movement during pregnancy is crucial for improving blood flow to the placenta and maintaining condition and flexibility for a safer birth. Pelvic alignment and flexibility have an impact on the physical shape and position of the womb via the balanced pelvic floor muscles, and provides the conditions for better movement and nerve flow for the mother and developing baby. Optimal pelvic posture is important for: (1) the least restriction for the growing spine, hips, shoulders and head, and (2) the most ideal positioning for less complicated labor and birth. The mother’s spine protects the nerve system, which is the master coordinator of the entire birth process. Well-baby care begins with care of the mother. All pregnancies are unique, and a healthy nerve system is key to coordinating the best outcomes.

While many pregnancies proceed without difficulties, relief from some of the common symptoms of pregnancy can be related to healthy posture and nerve function. Expectant mothers who receive chiropractic adjustments report relief from heartburn, morning sickness, headaches, sciatica, pelvic pain, hip pain, swollen ankles, foot pain, numbness/tingling, carpal tunnel, rib pain, pubic pain, and constipation.

Chiropractic has great benefits for support of the pregnancy and comfort of the mother. The timing and flow of the birth process itself are coordinated by nerve flow, and a healthy spine impacts the overall experience for the mother and developing baby. Chiropractic care is a gentle, effective approach many have benefitted from by maintaining nerve and postural health through pregnancy and beyond.

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