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One Yoga Room Teacher’s Perspectiv

By Amy Annis, 

A person doesn’t have to go to yoga every day or several times a week to get the benefits. And this is coming from someone who has practiced and taught for over a decade. I have a good, steady Vinyasa practice. It’s not every day, and sometimes it’s not long. But some yoga is better than none. And being mindful to commit to the practice I remind myself and my students that yoga every day is not sustainable. It shouldn’t feel like something you have to do or have to get in. That is about as anti-yoga as possible. It should be practiced to open the body and feel good, and depending on the client’s unique situation, what works for him/her is different than what works for the next person.

I work with athletes, cancer survivors, and almost everyone in between. I love the people who feel the benefits and make a personal commitment to roll out the mat three to four times a week. They feel better and see the difference. But realistically, a forced practice unravels all of the benefits. If you are new to the practice, come to the studio, unroll your mat, and determine what works best for you.

What is special about The Yoga Room? For all of my years teaching in the Chippewa Valley I have encouraged my clients to try other teachers to get a comprehensive understanding of the value in different styles and disciplines of the practice. Unfortunately until now, this wasn’t really an option. Teachers were spread out and spread thin, and finding the right teacher for you could be a challenge. Wendy’s studio, The Yoga Room, offers a broad selection of classes from highly trained teachers so that any beginner can truly experience the different styles of yoga and find the teacher that speaks to them.

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