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Mother Nature’s Food

By:  Diane Wolfe

Mother Nature’s Food Store opened in 1971, at 2434 London Road in Eau Claire, next to the Tokyo Restaurant. The current owner, Debbie Koteras, started working there in 1996 when she moved back to the area and started her family. She had retail management experience and wanted to own the business. She believed in the business model of helping people to take their health into their own hands at whatever age or stage of life they were in. It was a place in the community to get educated and try new ways of living well and healing.  Since taking over fifteen years ago, business has steadily grown, and with the help of the internet, local people are being educated and have a place to go for the products they want. The top-selling products have changed over the years. Fish oil and anti-oxidant products were popular ten years ago, and today, curcumin, probiotics, and coconut oil are selling well. Mother Nature’s Food offers the largest selection of bulk herbs and spices in the area, and the largest selection of supplements. Other product offerings are:  grass-fed meats, frozen wild fish, gluten-free products,dog and cat food, and natural health and beauty products.  Not only has the internet popped up in the past fifteen years, but other local stores now sell some of the same products. Debbie does not feel they have hurt her store because the customer service is excellent. She and her employees are genuinely interested in the products they sell and use some themselves. Every day they hear first hand testimonies about how a product has helped a person’s condition, and they pass that information along to each other. There is plenty of free literature available in the store to take home as well. Debbie is convinced that Mother Nature’s Food is “naturally, the best!”

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