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Live Great Food Simply Driven

Live Great Food is a family owned and operated small food business focused on offering our community the best eats while celebrating Wisconsin and all that her seasons have to offer.

Our mission is simple: remain true to great food. We aim to offer the best quality ingredients available, understand where food comes from, and bring it to the masses through our menu. We offer a scratch menu built specifically to honor and showcase the craft of our practice. Our goal is to provide nourishment and shed light on what we cook and why.

“Honor Thy Farmer” is the mantra for everything we do. It is easy to cook great food when you start with great food. It is a labor of love, however, to grow and care for great food. All too often the farmers see the smallest “piece of the pie” even though they grew the ingredients and baked said “pie”: from laboring the land to a $50 dollar entrée, it simply doesn’t make cents for a farmer.

Chef and owner of Live Great Food, Anthony Chavez, has spent years in this industry continuously preaching farm-to-table, seasonally driven, and locally sourced cuisine. Chavez has a resume crossing the states with time spent in some of the highest rated restaurants in the nation. He found his food to be a representation of the craftsman. From kitchens to butcher shops, Chavez used the past seven years to perfect the craft of whole-animal butchery under some of the finest butchers in Wisconsin. Recently becoming a member of the Butcher’s Guild of America, Chavez has taken up the oath of advocating for the craft by showcasing the animal and, above all else, honoring thy farmer.

From catering and specialty dinners, to classes on everything (carcass cutting and sausage making, old-world breads and pasta making), we do it all with great food at the heart. It is a lifestyle we are proud to share.

Most recently, we added a mobile kitchen to our repertoire: Chef Amy Huo’s epicurean chariot, the Locavore Mobile Kitchen. We respect her perspective on food and admire the way she used her platform to unapologetically act in the best interest of the farmer. We wanted to maintain that momentum and awareness within the community, so incorporating her food truck into Live Great Food seemed the obvious choice.

As a small passion-driven company, we enjoy bringing our food to Eau Claire. We love working with the local farmers to showcase everything that fresh and natural food can be. And we are excited to continually educate the community about great food and all its benefits.

The current trends and consumer patterning suggest a more curious and inquisitive eater, embracing natural foods more and more every week. We are proud to play our part in offering our menus and embracing a diet incorporating all the colors of the rainbow.

For more information, visit our website at

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