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June is Dairy Month

Crystal Ball Farms is owned and operated by Troy and Barb DeRosier along the St. Croix River in the small village of Osceola, WI.   Troy and Barb have been personally delivering their certified organic milk for over ten years.  Just Local Food Co-op is proud to say that Crystal Ball Farms was our very first vendor; Just Local started as a home milk delivery service of their delicious, organic milk products.

In 2003, the DeRosier’s built their creamery where they process the milk from 100 grass fed cows.  Since that time their operation has experienced continued growth, as the demand for certified organic, local dairy products has increased.   Their creamery operation is thriving with a wide market in Wisconsin and Minnesota.   The DeRosier’s are proud to control their entire operation, from crops to the finished product.

The result are milks and milk products with outstanding flavor and nutritional value.  Crystal Ball Farms pasteurizes their milk but do not homogenize.  This means the flavorful and healthful fat content remains.  The DeRosier’s cows graze on a diet rich in grass and spend their lives outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, ultimately enhancing the quality and flavor of the milk.  You really can taste the difference.

Just Local carries a full line of Crystal Ball Farms milk products including skim, 2%, whole and chocolate milk, half and half and heavy cream

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