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Joining Forces for the Good of the Valley

After years of knowing each other, two local health care practitioners realized they had the same vision and goals for their work.  So, they joined forces!  Dr. Michael Court and Dr. Dan Czelatdko, have been helping their patients through chiropractic and nutrition for twenty-six years.  They both have a passion to restore health to patients through natural means and to help them live their lives to the fullest.

Dr. Court explains that their approach to nutritional healing is not the typical “shot gun, cookie cutter” type care where you just try something and hope that it works.  They “zero in on specific issues like food sensitivities, immune challenges, and chemical and heavy metal toxicities.”

Dr. Dan says that, “Dr. Court and I share a similar philosophy in regards to health care.  Although I will continue to treat acute and chronic conditions, I now will have an avenue to practice true wellness care.  Looking and supporting the body as a whole machine rather than part is an exciting approach to achieving true health.”

While they do chiropractic care of the spine and musculoskeletal system, they also use a system of analysis that gauges the body’s nervous system to determine what may be weak or out of balance.  They are also skilled in helping patients with diet and whole food natural supplements to address patients’ concerns. Dr. Court describes the process as finding “the barriers,removing them, and then allowing the body to heal itself.”

One patient reported, “I had a rash on my neck and stomach aches frequently.  After following Dr. Court’s advice and sticking to the program, my rash is completely gone. I don’t have stomach aches very often. I just feel better as a whole.” —LK

Another wrote, “I was feeling bloated, could not lose weight, blood sugar was high, had arthritis, and felt tired. After coming to the office, my blood sugar has come down and I have lost eight pounds.” —BN

Dr. Czelatdko is a diplomate in clinical nutrition and has used nutritional therapies for over twenty years. He is now incorporating that knowledge with Nutrition Response Testing to streamline patients to better health.

Dr. Court has received his naturopathic degree in 2010, is Advanced Clinically Trained in Nutrition Response Testing, and is an instructor for Ulan Nutritional Systems, training other doctors on this system of analysis.

They believe this gives them an edge in helping patients regain their health.

Drs. Court and Czelatdko recommend new patients come in for a personalized initial analysis ($120) to see if you would be a candidate for this kind of treatment. If this type of care will not help, then they will direct you to where you may need to seek care. If you are, it is their belief that nothing will help as much. This analysis helps you find ways to address many health issues, including hormonal needs, digestive problems, and chronic illnesses. Dr. Court stresses, “Again, this is all part of removing barriers that keep you from getting well.” He cautions, though, that there is no quick fix.  “It took years for your health issues to develop, and it will take time to help the body heal itself.”

The main office is in Lake Hallie, and it is open five days a week. The Altoona location is open by appointment only. For more information, call 715-723-2713 or visit their website at

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