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How to Talk about Transitioning to Assisted Living

By Jenny Swanson, Assisted Living Advisors

Bridging the subject of transitioning to an assisted living community (ALC) can be tough. The move is often viewed as a permanent blow to an elder’s independence, and many seniors stubbornly avoid discussing this topic because they’re afraid they’ll be forced out of their homes. Children are put in the tough & often unfamiliar position of acting in the best interest of their parents, so identifying where to start is key. Assisted Living Advisors (ALA) is here to prepare you for these difficult conversations.

Due to the delicacy of the subject, many children may wait until a specific incident to discuss ALC’s with their parents. Broaching the topic well before it’s needed can help remove some of the anxiety and uncertainty from the equation, making it easier for all involved. A great place to start is researching senior housing options together as well as understanding your loved ones concerns to create a roadmap.

It’s important to make future plans a topic of ongoing discussion so it feels collaborative. Identifying the “what if’s” will give you an idea of what to look for in an ALC. It’s also crucial to present housing options with positive language & tone while also recognizing why your parents may want to stay at home.

By promising to keep your parents involved in decision making, you are doing your due diligence to create positivity around the subject, as well as preparing all of you for what comes next. Assisted Living Advisors is here to guide you through these tough conversations.

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