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Growing Our Principles

Values in Action Menomonie Market Food Co-op has supported small, local and cooperatively run farmers, food producers and vendors for over 40 years. Now we further deepen our commitment to our values by joining the P6 Cooperative Trade Movement.

P6 is a national movement focused on building equitable and just relation-ships between farmers, producers, retailers,and consumers. Currently a collaboration between six food co-ops around the U.S., P6 works to create strong,values-based economies.

Cooperation & Change Principle Six (P6) is the sixth cooperative principle, “Cooperation Among Cooperatives”. Originallyestablished by the Rochdale Pioneers in 1844 and later by the International Cooperative Alliance, At Menomonie Market we view YOU as a powerful participant in our local and global economy: ENGAGEDEDUCATED EMPOWERED to use YOUR dollars as a tool for change. the seven cooperative principles serve to guide the business decisions of our co-op. P6 co-op members are hard at work creating strong local communities by promoting and living our values of creating healthy, just and sustainable relationships with farmers, vendors, our staff and the community at large.

A Step Further In addition to finding a wide selection of P6 products in the store, MMFC takes the same P6 care in selecting the ingredients used to prepare our homemade Hot Bar and Deli foods. Whether you are joining us for weekend brunch, a business lunch or quick evening meal, you will enjoy delicious food and feel great knowing you are helping to create a vibrant local economy


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