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Fur Babies Benefit from Essential Oils

By Dr. Lynn Thompson; photo by Renee Barth Photography

Our fur babies benefit greatly when exposed properly to certain high quality essential oils. When used correctly, essential oils are without negative side effects or unnatural additives. There are precautions when even using CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils. Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds extracted by steam distillation or cold-pressed, and are 50-70 times stronger than herbs. For the oils to be of health benefit, the oils must be sourced from their native growing region, extracted by the proper distillation method and undergo rigorous 3rd part testing to assure the presence of desired therapeutic qualities and the absence of impurities.

Our fur babies benefit from essential oils by using them in three different ways. Aromatically, they can be beneficial for mood management, air purification and opening airways. Topically, they have systemic and localized benefits. Used internally, they can provide digestive support as well as benefit to the mouth, throat and liver. It is not generally recommended to allow the pet to consume more then 1-2 drops internally at any one time.

There are precautions to incorporate using essential oils around our pets. A dog’s sense of smell is 50-100 times greater than ours. When introducing oils to your dog, trust they know what they need. Sit down with your dog, open the oils you have chosen for their individual issues and gauge their reaction. If your dog’s nose goes up and directly away, give them a minute and see if they come back to it. If not, then they do not want that oil. Try this process with another oil until you find one they select. They will love some oils and want to lick them, and others they might want aromatically or topically. Give them a chance to tell you. When diffusing your oil in a closed area, allow an escape route for the pet to be able to retreat.

Cats are small and sensitive. Use less than a drop of oil at a time – even less for pregnant females and kittens.

When using direct application of the essential oils, do not put oils directly into the ears, eyes, nose, or any other sensitive areas. Dilute with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, before applying topically. Place a drop of oil on your hands and rub them together and pass along the spine of the animal or even pass along the hair backwards. Reflexology points on the paws (between the paw pads on the back paws or the tips of the ears), are favorite application points. Use wintergreen in small amounts due to its methyl salicylate content (may exacerbate bleeding). Around cats, use tea tree (Melaleuca) sparingly.

Utilization of high quality essential oils with our fur babies offers benefits to health, happiness and a high quality of life.

There are multiple sources of information available on use of essential oils, benefits and precautions.

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