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Editor's Note » Oct./Sept. ‘12

by Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher

Welcome to fall and the Eat Local Challenge.  We’re challenging YOU to eat more local foods, whether they’re from farmers’ markets, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), your garden or our local grocery stores and co-ops in town.  So pick a day, a week, or even the whole month and devote more time and energy to supporting our communities locally grown goodies.  They are well worth the effort.  This year we are handing out Challenge Bags at your local farmers markets.  So if you are there and see us, grab one.  They will be filled with information on how to eat locally, plus goodies from local businesses in the Chippewa Valley that support locally grown fare.  This issue is packed with GREAT info to eating locally, knowing what’s in your food, being a localvore and the awareness and realization that helps you help your friendly farms by eating what’s growing right here in the Valley.  So I hope that this issue finds you well and that for the next month you can join us for the challenge.

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