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Editor’s Note » May/June ‘13

by Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher

So can I hear a hoot hoot for summer?!?!  After this so very long, seemingly endless winter, it’s time to grow. I’ve had seedlings in my kitchen yearning for a spot in the earth since early March, and am so excited to watch them grow, have my kids eat from the vines, and bask in the summer heat. And after all that snow, I am not going to complain about the humidity when it gets nasty. I promise! So being it’s gardening season, we have packed this issue full of some great gardening articles from local and regional experts who really know their stuff.  So take notes because they are going to help you have the best garden yet.

I have to tell you all that we are so blessed and appreciative of all of the cool stuff we’ve been sent over the past few months!  We have to give credit to some awesome companies that have sent us some very cool samples, to review and tell you about.

We love, love, love  If you have never seen any of the awesome products, that this amazing site offers, and that artists from all over the country make for them, please, please check it out.  Most of the goods are handmade, limited availability, up-cycled, recycled, repurposed, and so much more. Everything you see in this issue they sent us for use, display, play, and they all rock.

An equal shout out to Lush, with all their great handmade natural, and organic, personal beauty gifts.  We have soaps, shampoos, toners for men and women, and I swear you’ll love them all.

We also need to thank Sodastream for sharing their wonderful environmental soda maker.  It is also a great gift for anyone who cares about what they drink, as well as Mother Earth.

A GIANT Thank You for all the goods :p  Check them out in our gift guide for EVERYone as well as our Garden Goodness special section! There’s good stuff there.

We are also very excited to announce our newest section that we hope you’ll use and enjoy.  Namaste is our special section devoted to all things Yoga.  Classes, articles, and studios all in one convenient spot.  Yoga is so good for your mind, your body, and your spirit.  We hope you find a class to go to and breathe for a few moments.

So, grab some tea, find a sunny spot, and enjoy the issue!

Namaste and Be Well!

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