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Editor’s Note » Jan./Feb. ‘13

by Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher

As we all settle in to welcome and await what the new year has in store, I am often moved to think about myself a little more. Now I know that sounds selfish, but we do need to think about ourselves every once in a while. Whether it’s, “I ate too many cookies,” “I should try to be more active,” or “My back sure does hurt; maybe I should finally book that massage,” caring about yourself matters. And you can find new avenues for personal wellness on March 8 at the first annual Chippewa Valley WellFEST.

Take the day to find yourself engrossed in the best of the best the valley has to offer in Wellness.  Vendor booths, speakers and active participation will fill the Florian Gardens all day long and we hope you can join us.  Learn how your walking pattern may be hurting your back, drums alive will get you moving and having more fun then you imagined and laughter yoga will for sure brighten your day.  Plus, so much more and it’s all in our WellFEST guide on page 8.  Thank you, thank you to our many awesome sponsors who will be showcasing their skills and having information booths at WellFEST.  See their ads beginning on page 8 as well.

Happy Reading, Be well and see you at WellFEST!!

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