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Delicious Organic Facials

Did you know you can get a facial here in Eau Claire in which all the ingredients are organic? In fact Sakura Skin Spa offers two organic facial product lines. The skin spa was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing “highly educated and passionate skin professionals to help clients achieve their desired skin results safely and effectively.”

Sarah Green, owner, spa director, and licensed aesthetician, explains why she chose to use organic products. “Organic products were always something I wanted to bring in from the beginning. My brother-in-law, Dr. Aaron Arfstrom of Apex Chiropractic, has been a huge influence on my knowledge of how important it is to use products that are good for us and don’t cause more harm.”

Green describes the two main benefits of using organic products: 1) “Many clients who are very sensitive can have reactions to skin care products that have a lot of chemical additives. Organic products give them an option for quality skin care.” 2) “It’s also great for women who are pregnant or nursing and want to use only pure products. They don’t have to sacrifice their skin when going organic or natural.”

Sakura Skin Spa offers two organic product lines: Naturopathica and FarmHouse Fresh Naturals.

Naturopathica Many of this company’s products

Many of this company’s products are certified by Ecocert, which is one of the oldest independent organic certification groups. The review process to receive the Ecocert seal of approval includes scrutiny of sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging. Ecocert looks for products derived from renewable resources that are produced in environmentally friendly ways. Their seal also requires at least 50 percent use of natural ingredients.

Naturopathica seeks to source from local farmers, promotes recycling with all product containers, and is a majority woman-owned company. They test all products for allergy and skin sensitivity, do not use animal testing, and their products are made in the United States. For a full list of what they do not use in their products, go to

Sakura Skin Spa offers several choices of organic facials using the Naturopathica products, including the Pure Results Facial, the Vitamin C15 Brightening Facial, the Soothe and Restore Facial, and even a Men’s Rebalancing Facial. Green says, “Our

Green says, “Our Naturopathica line is purely organic, and their ingredients smell phenomenal as well! They have been some of our most popular facials since we introduced the line in 2014.”

FarmHouse Fresh Naturals

This company has its own farm in Texas and uses some products from other local farms to provide from 90 to 99.6 percent naturally derived ingredients. They are paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free, as well as “cruelty-free,” meaning no animal testing is used for their products. In fact, the company works to rescue all kinds of animals—dogs, bunnies, horses, turtles, and donkeys—at their ranch. Almost all (99 percent) of their products are vegan and gluten free.

FarmHouse Fresh has a broad selection of what they call “Farm to Spa Treatments,” seeking to provide the freshest product possible with reduced irritations, less redness, and “lessened signs of aging.”

Sakura Skin Spa serves up a hearty menu of FarmHouse Fresh organic facials, including Peat Purity Vegetative Calming Facial, Coffee and Cream CoQ10 Complexion Perfection Facial, Wine and Chocolate Me Time Transformative Facial, and the seasonal Perky Pumpkin Radiance Boosting and Firming Facial.

“I would say our FarmHouse Fresh natural facials have really caught our clients’ attention!” Green says. “All of their products smell almost too good to be true! It’s been really fun adding in their awesome products to the spa. With product names like Pumpkin Dirt Mud Mask and Sundae Best Chocolate Mask, which smell as amazing as they sound, who could resist?”

For more information visit them at 4210 Southtowne Drive, Eau Claire, go to, or call 715-514-3548.

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