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CBD and Your Pets

Now that CBD (i.e. Hemp) oil has been around for a few years, lots of people have discovered its benefits for pain relief and calming anxiety. And, if you didn’t already know, it can do the same for your dogs. There are hundreds of CBD companies selling human and animal CBD products, and it is up to each person to do their homework on the products offered. Some things you want to look for are:

• Transparent lab testing information

• Uses third party labs to confirm testing

• Produced in the US

• Full disclosure of ingredients

• The product is a broad-spectrum CBD tincture

Pet quality CBD oil is essentially the same as what is distilled for humans. It is packaged differently, however, not only to offer various strengths for each individual dog, but also to make it more palatable to the canine senses. Tinctures like blueberry, cheese and peanut butter flavors make it easy to set your dog up for success.

If you decide to try CBD on your dog, use a consistent routine to get the best results. Put the tincture on their breakfast each morning, or offer as a CBD chew treat at the same time each day.

*Please note that CBD is not for dogs under one year of age as there has not been sufficient studies on puppies to verify its safety.

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