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Caregiving for Mom from a Distance

Start with a plan

The first step is to identify the type of care needed. Plan a weekend visit to see Mom. This will give you enough time to assess and gather information about the help that she will need.

Make sure you:

• Create a list of items to discuss. Learning about and respecting Mom’s wishes go a long way in caring for her from a distance. Ask her what concerns her. Tell her what concerns you.

• Check in with the neighbors. Check with the neighbors to find out about possible dangers or incidents they would care to share.

• Connect with family and friends. Establish a care connection of people near Mom that may be contacted if needed.

• Craft care roles. Assign roles to the support team. Be sure to keep good communication with them.

Research Care Options

Do your homework before you visit with mom so you are aware of the options available in her community?

Be sure to include:

• The different types of care. Research the living options so you can explain the difference between independent living, assisted living and in home care. Use simple language. Get websites and brochure and housing guides.

• Doctor recommendations. Include mom’s doctor in any decisions to afford her comfort in her care plan and alleviate possible future stress.

• The costs of care. Be completely transparent regarding cost of all care and who will pay. Create a budget and use it.

• Testimonials from friends. Ask for references and use them. COMPARE PRICING

Provide Long Distance Support

Tips to stay in touch:

• Set up weekly phone calls. Pre arrange a set time to visit so she knows when you will call. Do follow the plan.

• Save the caregiver’s phone number. You will want a weekly check in regarding mom and to contact them in the event of an emergency.

• Plan future visits. Plan the yearly visits in advance. Mark dates on calendar and inform all the players.

• Check in with Mom’s care network frequently. Review bills and budgets. Be sure to support the care team. Your thanks is appreciated and important to the ongoing success of the plan.

A Medical Alert Gives Peace of Mind

Select a Medic Alert system that will provide immediate assistance in the event of a fall. Contact the providers in the community to make a selection that both you and mom are happy to use. She will always stay safe from senior falls.

Selection point to consider:

• Automatic fall detection calls for help immediately as it senses a fall.

• Showerproof pendants that will work in wet spaces. .

• Complete customization for easy use. Select the option that works for mom: pendants, clips, button clasps .

• Help all day, every day 24/7 for Mom. Someone will stay on the line until help arrives. No matter the emergency, Mom will get the care she needs.

Show Mom You Care

Not being there doesn’t mean you no longer care. Putting together a care team and a care plan for mom will show assure her of your care.

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