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Be a Healthier YOU!

By Brenda Crass, Owner of Pure Fitness 4 You

You can take some small steps in your every day life to improve on your health and fitness journey, making you a healthier YOU! Start with the following steps, take on the challenge, and see how making better choices and decisions can make you and your body feel.

1. Drink water. Adding water to your daily activities will improve mood, help with migraines and headaches, reduce fatigue, aid in digestion (out with the bad and in with the good!), encourage weight loss, and so much more! Here’s a challenge: drink eight ounces when you get up in the morning and eight ounces before each meal. By adding that to your regular water consumption, you see a difference. REACH 4 the WATER!

2. Have a bedtime. I know this one is easier said than done as life catches up with us most days. Getting enough sleep will help with focus, mood and even your immune system. Challenge: give yourself a bedtime and stick to it.

3. Cut out sugar where you can. It’s okay to start out small! Maybe just do milk in your coffee and no sugar, or a glass of water with apple slices and cinnamon instead of that afternoon soda. Cutting out sugar can be easier if you start out by replacing the smaller things with a healthier option, then keep moving forward with elimination day by day. However, you can still indulge in those sweet sugar treats occasionally—what fun would it be if we couldn’t, and then it really is a treat. Challenge: cut out one sugar this week.

4. Find an exercise you actually enjoy. Exercise not only makes you more physically fit, it also boosts mood and increases energy and mind clarity. Having an exercise that you enjoy will help you want to get your workout on. Find a type of workout and a place that fits YOU (which yes could be your living room or the walking trail). Having a support system can also help make exercise fun. Challenge: try a new fitness class or exercise this month, make a plan, and maybe even get a friend to join you.

5. Add those vegetables. Incorporating healthier food choices can only do positive things for your body and your health. Start small. Change up the easiest meal for you, whether that might be breakfast, snack, lunch or supper. Choose healthier options with vegetables, protein and healthy carbs and fats. Challenge: Make sure there is a vegetable on your plate for every supper this week (French fries don’t count).

Adding these key elements into your daily life can get you on the right path for a successful, happier, healthier YOU!

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