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12 Wellness Trends for 2023

By Becky Streeter

1. Going to Bed Earlier - Sleep is key for mental and physical regeneration and healing. Following the body’s circadian rhythm–going to bed when it gets dark and rising with the sun–is one of the best trends for 2023.

2. “Distance” Community Workouts - Many people have exercise apps on their phone that connect them to a workout community. These workouts can be done on your own time in your own space, and then the details are recorded and shared with your gym buddies via the app.

3. Exercise Snacks - Little bursts of movements anywhere from one minute to ten or 15 that help break up your day. Your muscles are moving thus pumping blood to your heart and brain to wake you up. You become more efficient mentally and stronger physically.

4. Low Impact Exercise - Yoga, pilates, and stretching are more popular now than before the pandemic. These exercise routines are breath-focused and help center the mind and body.

5. Workplace Wellness - The “Great Resignation” began in early 2021 and saw millions of Americans quitting their jobs for a variety of reasons. In order to keep employees, workplaces are beginning to implement benefits such as fitness centers, nutrition and wellness education, flexible schedules, and stress management programs.

6. Wearable Fitness Tech - 2023 is seeing a rise in wearable tech beyond the Fitbit and Apple Watch. The Oura Ring, Whoop Wristband and Apollo Wristbands monitor your vital signs, key in on stress and or sleep habits, and help manage wellness.

7. Plant-Based Diets - There are benefits for the body and the environment as people move toward plant-based diets. Plant proteins such as black beans, almonds, quinoa and lentils can often make great replacements for beef and chicken.

8. Digestive Health - Eating foods, such as kimchi, kefir and probiotic yogurt, that encourage the good bacteria in your gut helps with digestion. Additionally, immune-boosting foods like ginger, elderberry and garlic will likely fly off the shelves this year, too. These foods help support weight loss goals, reduce risk of illness, and increase mood and brain function.

9. CBD Products - Designed to help reduce stress, relieve pain, aid cognitive function and more, these products are gaining quite the hype in 2023.

10. Sustainability - Many businesses as well as general consumers are searching for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Composting and compostable materials are a huge part of this, as well as buying local, going paperless, and upcycling as much as possible.

11. At-Home Self-Care - Facials in your bathroom with a candle, a book and some music. Doing your own haircuts. Adding a scoop of collagen to your morning coffee.

12. Mental Wellness - Taking care of your brain is a huge trend for 2023. Meditation, therapy, journaling, mental gyms–all of these are on the rise.

Source: Parsons, Lexi. “2023 Wellness Trends We’re Watching.” FitOn. 2023.

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