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WIC Helps Keep Families Healthy

By Susan Krahn, MS, RDN, CD, CLC, Public Health Nutritionist, Eau Claire City-County Health Department

What does healthy eating mean to you? To the WIC Program, healthy eating means healthier moms and babies, happier families, and brighter futures. The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program is a public health nutrition program that provides food, nutrition and breastfeeding education, and community support for low and moderate-income women and children up to the age of 5 years.

Many working families benefit from WIC. In fact, over half of the babies born in the United States use the WIC program. WIC is the nation’s most successful and cost-effective public health nutrition program. We know that when eligible families use WIC:

– Moms are less likely to have premature or low birth-weight babies;

– Moms are more likely to start breastfeeding after delivery;

– Infants and children are twice as likely to see doctors for well-child care;

– Moms, children, and infants are less likely to have anemia.

If you think your family may be eligible, contact your local WIC office. A visit to WIC means you will walk away with an EBT card to buy more healthy food for your family. But, did you know that WIC means much more than food? At a WIC appointment, parents are connected with people who truly care about the health and well-being of their children. Parents walk away with the feeling of support, connections to health care resources, and inspiration to make healthy changes in their home.

WIC gives you healthy food and teaches you how to use it. Good nutrition during pregnancy and in the first few years of life has long-term positive impacts on health. WIC teaches you about the benefits of breastfeeding and guides you through the process. WIC gives you free healthy food and teaches you how to shop for it, how to prepare it, and ways to help your child enjoy eating it.

We provide a community of support. At WIC you’ll find dietitians, a breastfeeding peer counselor, and others ready to listen, share information, and give guidance and support. WIC is a network built for moms. We connect them, we educate them and we learn from them.

We connect you to care beyond WIC. WIC is about so much more than healthy food and nutrition. WIC staff can provide referrals to doctors, dentists, immunization services, Head Start, family planning services, and more. Find out if your family can use WIC to stay healthy:

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