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Why Should You Eat Them?

Food that isn’t organic is often sourced from Big Agriculture, and the practices and methods it uses result in food that is less nutritious, less healthy, and less flavorful. Here are five good reasons to choose organic food over conventional food. 1. It’s more nutritious. Big Agriculture uses depleted soil and instead seeks to provide food with nutrients by fertilizing it. Organic farming methods instead start with healthy soil, full of nutrients and everything a healthy plant needs, resulting in healthier produce.

2. It doesn’t have GMOs. Using genetically modified organisms is not natural, and we have little idea what might result from eating foods grown with those methods. Organic food by contrast honors the natural time-proven characteristics of plants and the food they grow.

3. It doesn’t use pesticides or herbicides. The purpose of pesticides and herbicides is to poison things. That is their job. No matter how well you wash your produce, you can’t wash off all the residue of these substances, which have entered the plants through the roots and have soaked into them when they’ve been sprayed. Studies have shown that pesticides harm the nervous system. To avoid this poisoning of your nervous system, choose organic foods.

4. It produces better quality meat and dairy products. Meat raised in concentrated animal feeding operations is full of antibiotics and other drugs, and it is also dirty, having been raised in unclean surroundings. Organically raised meat uses sound animal husbandry methods, no antibiotics, and maintains a cleaner environment for the animals.

5. It is a more ethical choice. Current Big Agriculture methods are harmful to animals, harmful to the environment, and harmful to people. Choosing organic food promotes better animal husbandry, better environmental methods, and better human health. Tips for Eating Organic on a Budget If you are wise and plan ahead, you can successfully buy and eat organic food, even on a budget. Here are some tips: ■ Skip processed snacks, instead focusing on raw fruits and veggies. ■ Stretch the animal protein amongst healthy whole grains and veggies. ■ Drink water more and less soda and other prepared beverages. ■ Use leftovers wisely, making them into a new meal. ■ Buy fruits and veggies in season. ■ Shop for produce every few days so that you use it before it spoils. ■ Buy in bulk when you can. ■ Make as much as you can from scratch instead of buying premade meals or dishes. ■ Have a menu plan but be open to using food that is on special when you find it. ■ Look for the less expensive generic brand items at your local organic food store. ■ Eat more legumes for your protein source. ■ Stick to the basics, rather than buying all kinds of special condiments and the rarer fruits and vegetables.

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