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What Makes Chiropractic Different

By Dr. Heather Mickelson, DC, Wissota Chiropractic

Chiropractic looks at the nervous system and works to help optimize the function of this system that controls all the other body functions so that the human body can have the best chance to heal itself. I have observed that in the majority of instances our culture does not look to the human body to heal from the inside out. That is what makes chiropractic different. Let me tell you my chiropractic story.

I was raised eating homemade granola with ingredients from Sunyata co-op and fresh fruit. We worked our garden and hiked at Big Falls. My parents chose not to have us vaccinated, and some of my teachers told me they were sure I was vaccinated but my mom just forgot and told me incorrectly. I have no memories of going to a medical doctor and never needed a prescription. What I do remember are the healthy lifestyle choices my parents made for us.

Homemade food with real ingredients, going to bed early, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and having regular trips to the chiropractor. I grew up and became a chiropractor. I have seen people come in with low back pain and tell me that after having their spine adjusted they were no longer constipated or that they started being able to sleep again. I have seen chiropractic help so many people in so many ways. Having the nervous system free flowing would be a benefit to us all. The nervous system coordinates the whole body, including immune response, the circulatory system, and the digestive system. So seeing a chiropractor is for so much more than back pain and headaches. I believe it is part of a healthy lifestyle that supports an understanding that in most cases the body can heal itself from the inside out. That is what makes chiropractic different.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Eat real food and avoid processed food.

  2. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

  3. Get the sleep your body needs.

  4. Keep your mind active and sharp.

  5. Visit a chiropractor regularly.

For more information, contact Dr. Heather Mickelson, DC at 715-723-3333 or visit

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