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What Is Colon Hydrotherapy, Anyway?

by Jackie Shoebridge

Constipation and gastrointestinal problems have sky-rocketed in the last twenty years. There are many reasons for this, and when we seek medical attention, we are often given drugs that either stimulate our colons or decrease our acid production in our stomachs, both having potential side-effects.

There are other ways to help our colons to work naturally. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective way to cleanse the colon without drugs. Colon hydrotherapy helps to hydrate and cleanse the colon.

The colon is important in that it not only stores our waste, but it also produces vitamins B and K and absorbs water. A healthy digestive track helps our immune system to function well and keep us healthy. When waste sits in the colon, it starts to ferment, leading to problems like bloating, gas, irritable bowel, and leaky gut syndrome. Colon hydrotherapy helps to prevent these conditions by gently cleaning the large intestine. It also helps to exercise the muscles of the colon, therefore increasing muscle tone and may help to decrease constipation.

Colon hydrotherapy has been used throughout history as a way to cleanse the colon for a healthy body. Egyptians used the most basic form of colon hydrotherapy, the enema, as early as 1500 B.C. Dr. J. H. Kellogg wrote in the 1917 Journal of American Medicine that he successfully treated over 40,000 gastrointestinal patients by cleansing the bowels, prescribing a healthy diet, and encouraging exercise. He used surgery in only twenty cases! His success led to the development of colon cleansing equipment and is known today as colonics and colonic irrigation.

The difference between an enema and a colonic is that the enema is a one-time infusion of about a quart of water into the rectum and the individual holds it as long as they can the then eliminates directly into the toilet. Colon hydrotherapy consists of repeated infusions of warm filtered water into the colon for cleansing by a certified colon hydrotherapist. While an enema can only clean about twelve inches of the colon, colon hydrotherapy can cleanse the entire length of the large intestine.

During a colon hydrotherapy session, small amounts of water flow into the colon, which stimulates the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release the softened stool. The colon is filled and emptied several times throughout the session, and the client never needs to leave the treatment table. The water is controlled by the colon hydrotherapist while the client relaxes on the treatment table. Water and waste exit through the waste tube (attached to the speculum inserted gently into the rectum), and the client and therapist can observe what is eliminated via a clear viewing tube. There is usually no odor and there is no health risk as long as it is performed by a trained and certified practitioner.

Colon hydrotherapy is also used as an alternative to the harsh stimulants given for colonoscopy preparation. Many people do not want to have a colonoscopy simply because of the preparation, therefore refusing a test that could save their lives.

Two frequent questions are how many colon hydrotherapy sessions are needed, and will I become dependent on colon hydrotherapy?  The answer is everyone is different and has different needs and goals. Just as we exercise to keep our heart strong and outer body toned, some people also have their own ongoing cleansing and toning regimen for their inner body. Colon hydrotherapy can be used as a part of any healthy maintenance program. There is no evidence that colon hydrotherapy creates dependence. On the contrary, it actually strengthens the muscle of the colon to work more efficiency.

Colon hydrotherapy is not a cure for disease, but cleansing the colon without harmful medications may increase a healthy digestive tract, which in turn may support a healthy immune system, resulting in improved health and vitality.

Jackie Shoebridge is a registered nurse and colon Hydrotherapist who owns Gentle Waters, LLC, which does colon hydrotherapy and infrared sauna. Jackie has a passion for health for her clients. As a registered nurse in the field of critical care for over fifteen years and through her own personal struggles, she has seen the relationship between our digestive health and the health of our bodies. It was during her own health struggle that she found colon hydrotherapy and decided to pursue a preventative/natural health focus. To learn more about Gentle Waters, visit To schedule an appointment or talk with Jackie she can be reached at 715-933-1482.

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