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What Are We So Afraid Of?

There are two distinct kinds of fear: natural and perceived. Love and fear are the only two true emotions. Love expands our heart and connects us to others; fear contracts our heart and separates us from others. Every action we take in life is either out or love or out of fear.

Sometimes our emotions make us feel out of control, and we hide from them, ignore them, or focus instead on our physical pain. It is quite common to stuff our real emotions because they feel uncomfortable. If we continue to stuff the emotion, it can manifest as a physical condition.

Dealing with fear is the same as dealing with any other emotion. When we believe in an illusion, or false fear, we give our power away. A fearful mind may run away on many tangents, getting all kinds of “answers,” but they have nothing to do with real fear in the present moment. The best practice is to take time in a quiet place with breathing techniques, prayer, or meditation to calm the mind. Then ask yourself, “Is there a problem right now? What is the worst that can happen?”

As an example, one of the things women fear the most is developing breast cancer. Family history, as formerly thought, is actually not a main factor in developing breast cancer. Women want truthful education about preventative measures they can do for themselves. The traditional system recommends a monthly self-exam with an annual mammogram. Doesn’t it seem logical to spend time every day preventing a surprise diagnosis of cancer? There are other options for dealing with these kinds of fears, however, and people have the right to know about them.

Because they do not know, traditional medical doctors are often vague about nutrition, environmental toxins, hormones fed to animals we eat, pesticides, and herbicides on foods. Education on maintaining a healthy immune system can be much more proactive than “finding the cure” for your ailment. What we eat and drink, put on our body, and even how we think and believe all have an effect our immune system.

We were taught to believe the only way to fix our health problems is with prescription drugs or surgery. This is simply not true. Since the coronavirus pandemic, society is starting to focus on self-care because that is the way we learn to take back our power and learn to keep ourselves healthy. We can empower ourselves with education from holistic practitioners and never feel fear that we cannot manage.

Joyce Sobotta is the founder/owner of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a product for breast health. She teaches the importance of the lymphatic system and how to use pure essential oils to detox, balance and stimulate the immune system. She is available for presentations, consultations, custom blends and DIY essential oil classes. To learn more visit

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