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Tips to Keep Joy in your Holidays

Keeping balance and zen in life during the holidays does require intention and action. Breathe–you got this and you can do it!  The key is to have a plan to avoid the last minute stressors. Below are some holiday tips to help make this season joyful, happier, healthier, and less stressful.

Set your holiday mood: Plan time to clean house and take down/put away items to make room for decorating. Update the playlist of your favorite music to get you in the mood. Keep the decorating simple and pick only your favorites. To keep it cheap, choose one theme (like mismatched ornaments in fancy soup bowls, or miniature Christmas trees in various sizes and shapes) and use enough to fill the space. Twinkle lights and candles create soft lighting across windowsills, cabinets or a mantle. Set the mood and make new memories.

Get picky about your parties:Pre-plan your social calendar for several weeks. Pick the parties you really want to attend. It’s OK to say no to some of the invites you receive. Pre-plan shopping, errands, and cookie baking, and make a schedule to help. This doesn’t have to be a one-person show–share list of tasks with others. Make time to see friends you have not seen in sometime, and catch up with friends that live near by another time. The best times happen when you stop to share them.

Make enough time for you:Taking time to hit the gym or go for a walk can decrease depression and anxiety and lower overall stress levels. Get enough sleep. Practicing meditation to create peaceful headspace and elevates your mood and wellbeing, fights stress, and curbs cravings. Taking self-time increases your ability to hold the positive vibes of joy in times of stress.

Make new traditions:Be willing to change dates or times to gather everyone together. Instead of baking for months, create a cookie exchange bake-off, each participant bakes enough of their two favorites to share with others. Also, everyone’s budget needs a break, so set a dollar amount for gifts that fits, and stick to it–make it a game to see who can be the most creative. Memories are made from what we create and share together, like Christmas in June or lasagna for Thanksgiving.

Eat Healthier:Stress can trigger mindless eating and cravings of unhealthier foods. For your self-care, try out new healthy recipes and cook with wholesome foods and nourishing ingredients. Eating a high-fiber and protein-rich snack before you head out to the parties will help keep your blood sugar levels stables. Feeding the body well increases its ability to create positive energy to enjoy everything else!

Sandi Anderson CHTP.,KT.,RM.,HT; Mother & Grandmother, Life & Soul Coach, Intuitive, Teacher, Energy Healer; Sandi Anderson lives in the Chippewa Valley and maintains a private healing practice “Intentions.”

“Empowering individuals on their journey of change in body, mind/emotions and spiritual growth.”

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