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Three Tips for Choosing Happiness This Year

By Tina Frank, MS, RN, APNP, Positive Living Eau Claire

There are many ways to define happiness, but in this article, I’d like to define it as:

– the ability to experience pleasure from various activities/relationships – the ability to feel a sense of meaning and purpose.

Three Tips

1.  To be happier we need to “choose” to use certain tools that promote the definition of happiness.  It is important to incorporate these tools into our daily life and to build rituals into your day (similar to brushing your teeth).  You can have and know the tools, but unless you practice them, the tools are ineffective.  For example, I prime my environment to remind me to practice some of my tools. There are visual reminders all over my house to practice gratitude.

2.  If you want to become happier, nurture your relationships.  After all, relationships are the “ultimate currency,” as noted by Whole Being Institute at Kripalu owner, Tal Ben Shahar. You can nurture your relationships by practicing and incorporating random acts of kindness, showing gratitude, practicing forgiveness, and loving unconditionally.

3.  Practice your version of spirituality.  That may be in the form of organized religion, connecting with nature or the universe, meditation, or connecting to “something” that gives you goose bumps—spiritually moves you.  Surround yourself with positive energy—energy that you can draw upon. Don’t forget to share your positive energy as well.  Pay it forward!

Tina Frank, MS, RN, APNP, Positive Living Eau Claire, www.positivelivingeauclaire.com, 715-579-4700. To advance health, well being, and optimal functioning in individuals who are open and capable of implementing these concepts. A core philosophy is “build what’s strong” approach that can augment the “fix whats wrong” approach of more traditional psychotherapy.

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