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Taming the Brain with Essential Oils

Do you know essential oils have the capability to interrupt a pattern of stress in any system in the body? When neurons do not fire together, an imbalance occurs. A stressful, fight or flight life style, which is the norm for our culture, keeps our bodies saturated with destructive chemicals, producing immune-system depletion, digestive problems, cardiovascular overload, blood sugar problems, and a racing mind that doesn’t allow a quiet sleep.

Our thoughts and beliefs are heavily influenced throughout our childhood, and by age ten our conditioning about health and disease is already in place. This conditioning is then shaped by what we think and say to ourselves. For example, a deadly and depressing idea of breast cancer can remain in our thoughts and we continue to live in fear. Thoughts like this can lower immunity, increase the likelihood of inflammation and cell abnormalities throughout the body, and may even block treatment.

Using quality essential oils regularly can break the pattern of fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system. This interference helps tame the brain, calm, refocus, and shift the energy instantly.

Essential Oil Properties 1. Quality produced essential oils are living substances that raise electrical frequency of the human body. 2. They take chemicals out of the air by breaking the molecular chain. Using a quality diffuser is very beneficial. 3. They act as natural chelators, bonding to heavy metals and carrying them out of the body, through the circulatory and lymphatic system 4. They stimulate the release of endorphins, which help to relieve physical and emotional discomfort, and encourage a feeling of joy, and well-being. 5. Essential oils have the capacity to clear and balance emotional trauma and negative emotional patterns, which are the root of a number of diseases. 6.  Essential oils can increase our sense of wholeness and connection with Source.

Studies show that quality essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance and can bring about an awakened well-being and mental awareness.  Many chronic physical problems have an emotional component, which the body holds in its subconscious.  Quality essential oils can interrupt and cause a physical or emotional pattern change.

Changing an emotional pattern requires understanding the issue and how it affects our life, understanding why we are experiencing the problem, what we could experience instead, and what we need to do to change. Changing a pattern is like erasing a groove — the deeper it is imbedded, the longer time it will take to erase. For some emotions we need only to bring them into our awareness to release them, while others are more deeply rooted and require more time and attention.

Inhaling the oils is the fastest and most often preferred method in balancing mood and emotions. Scents can affect our emotions and work on a subconscious level to modify emotional imbalances or change behavior.

Absorption through the skin such as in a massage is also very effective.

Once beneath the skin, essential oils go to the intercellular fluid surrounding the skin cells and then travel to the internal organs and the lymphatic system where they aid the immune system. This is how essential oils stimulate the body’s own natural defense systems.

Use essential oils for the interruption (effect) you want: • To reduce stress and anxiety and aid in relaxation and sleep • To reduce feelings of fatigue or mental exhaustion • To aid in respiratory conditions, colds, coughs, chills, sinus, and allergies • To aid with digestive problems • To aid in muscle aches and pain

Explore and experiment with the oils to learn and understand their power and effectiveness.

When several oils are blended together, each having a different frequency, they work synergistically for us to experience healing in more than one aspect of a condition.

Receive immediate benefits to tame the brain as we begin to calm, refocus our thoughts, and rise to a positive higher frequency.

Joyce Sobotta has a BS from UW–Stout. She uses and teaches benefits of essential oils since 2002. She completed her certification with the NHAA in 2003 and studied an advanced course. She is a certified reflexologist. She is founder/owner of an international business, HealthyGirlsBreastOil, a unique blend she created in 2007, along with Lady Lymph educational posters. and

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