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Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Transform Your Life!

It’s New Year’s resolution time—that time of the year when we resolve to start fresh and do better in our lives. Despite lofty intentions, many of us fail to fulfill ourresolutions. Is that true for you? If so, it’s likely that the “shadow” part of you is sabotaging you.

Jim and Linda Brooks, certified ShadowWork® facilitators, will be in Menomonie March 18–20 to offer a Shadow Work seminar at The Core. The seminar provides a transformational experience to help you bring unconscious shadows into the light so that you can free yourself of internal obstacles and enjoy more happiness and success in life.

The Impact of Hidden Shadows

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung described human shadows as those parts of ourselves that we have hidden, repressed, or denied. In our attempt to get love from our early caretakers and be accepted by society, we unconsciously put into shadow the parts of ourselves—positive or negative—that our parents or our culture deemed unacceptable.

These might include our spontaneity and exuberance, because we had to “behave properly,” or our sadness or fear, because we were told not to cry. Perhaps we can’t express anger, because when we did so as a child, we were admonished. Maybe we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable or experience intimacy, because early on we learned that to stay safe, we had to put on a brave face.When we put something into shadow, it goes into the unconscious part of the mind. Like an iceberg submerged in the ocean, we aren’t aware of our unconscious, yet it influences our thinking most powerfull. When our behavior arises from our shadows, we may find ourselves acting uncharacteristically—as when a normally calm person has an angry outburst.

When we put something into shadow that we don’t want, like our anger, something useful goes into shadow with it, like our ability to set healthy boundaries.

Many report that Shadow Work helps them make powerful internal shifts. Seminar graduate Richard S. says, “This was the most helpful experience I have had in understanding what stands in the way of my greater prosperity.” And Lucy G. says, “This weekend helped me see how my need to be in control gets in the way of my life and my relationships.”

Overview of the Seminar

A Shadow Work weekend is for men and women ages eighteen and over. Through individual and group processes and visualizations, we activate and explore four powerful archetypal energies—Magician, Sovereign, Lover, and Warrior.

Magician helps us gain perspective, figure out newsolutions, and transform old patterns.

Sovereign connects us to our life’s purpose, allows us to lead, to bless, and to support Lover opens us to feelings and the wisdom of our bodies, lets in love, stimulates creativity Warrior activates our ability to set healthy boundaries and achieve goals.

The weekend offers an opportunity to clarify what you want to change in your life, and to remove the obstacles that are getting in your way. According to seminar graduate Nancy N., “If you are ready to really to really explore something within yourself so that you can move forward in life, then this is definitely the workshop to attend.”


Jim and Linda Brooks have been facilitating Shadow Work seminars for almost a decade in the United States and abroad. Jim, a psychiatrist who specializes in natural healing modalities, says that often just one Shadow Work session can result in life-changing transformation.

Linda, originally from South Africa, believes deeply that human beings have an innate capacity for healing and growth. She brings an extensive background in education and training to this work.

For more information, or to register for the March 18–20 Shadow Work weekend, contact Jim and Linda at Info@AdventuresInPartnering or 641-469-5352. Register by February 2 for an Early Bird discount.   

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