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Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be Shared

Are you planning a holiday gathering at your home this season? Make sure to lock up your prescription medication and store out of sight! Rates of prescription medication misuse, accidental poisonings and overdoses are alarmingly high. More than 70% of people misusing prescription painkillers (known as opioids) get them through friends or relatives.

You may have a lengthy to-do list. But don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinet. Unused medications do more than clutter your cabinet. They can lead to an accidental poisoning, overdose, and misuse. You do not want to share your medication by mistake. Now is the time, to get rid of expired, unused and unwanted medication.

You have a part in keeping the community safe from medication misuse. Medication thrown in the trash, can be found. Flushing can pollute our water supply. Help make medications less available by safely disposing of them. The county has many locations where you can drop off your prescription medication and painkillers. Dropping off medications is anonymous, free and quick! For a list of locations, visit:

For more info about prescription drug misuse, visit:

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