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Simple Gifts – Big Benefits!

By Thermography of Wisconsin

Is “Gifts” your love language? For me it is not… yet it is.

I used to agonize over gift giving. Was the gift adequate? Did the gift meet the expectations of the receiver? The stress took the joy right out of the giving!

No more. I have finally learned that when I give from my heart, whatever it is, I am blessed.

Sometimes the simplest gift means the most. The nicest gift anyone could give me is their time—time for a chat or coffee, time together on a project, or time with a listening ear.

Door greeters at events give the gift of a hearty welcome with a smile and sometimes even give out hugs!

• Laughing together.

• Holding hands.

• Sharing a meal or snack.

• Helping with a chore.

• Speaking someone’s name in their heart language.

• Giving someone autonomy.

• Celebrating together; grieving together.

All these actions are simple yet so complex. All these things demonstrate relationship and community and selfless love. The only cost is ourselves, but the rewards are absolutely priceless. When given unconditionally, they contribute to our wellbeing—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our body chemistry changes which in turn stimulates a healing response. And, the benefits work both ways. Smile at someone and they smile back. Share a funny story and you both laugh.

I thank you for being part of the Thermography of Wisconsin community. Together we are part of a much larger community of wellness advocates supporting each other’s journey for health.

So, in honor of the simple, I offer the following thoughts as my gift to you. Bring this article with you to your next appointment and receive $25 off the total. Better yet, share this article and introduce a friend to the benefits of thermography and our community!

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