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Power Animal Wisdom: Embracing the Power and Magic

By Sandi Anderson

Power Animal Wisdom is the wisdom of animals and nature that is always available for everyone, everywhere on planet Earth. Humans, animals, and nature live in the physical world together; for many, they must also exist in the spirit world together. In shamanism, the world’s oldest healing tradition, animal guides or spirit guides are also known as power animals.

The shaman practitioner honors the wisdom and knowledge of each animal they know in their life, area, and culture. Not as greater or lesser than humans, but each as unique and essential in what they represent spiritually, and as the physical being they are in this world.

Some animal guides come to serve as a personal guide, coming to your life for a purpose; however, they choose you. They can come as a symbol or they can be those animals you have always been attracted to in you life, or see in a dream. Even those animals you really don’t like, may have an important message, or awareness to learn.

There are four types of animal guides: Messenger, Journey, Life, and Shadow.

► Messenger Spirit Guide – They usually appear in order to guide or warn of a specific situation, and stay with you until you get, and receive the message. ► Journey Spirit Guide – They are known to appear when you are in a fork in the road, or you must decide something in order to change your life course. They stay by you until the journey is done, however long that takes. ► Life Spirit Guide – This guide stays with you throughout your life, and is a symbolic reflection of who, and what you are, and your spiritual makeup. It will remind you of your strengths and innermost gifts. You could have more than one. ► Shadow Spirit Guide – This is your tester guide. You may meet them in a dream and feel fear at first. They come to your life to teach you lessons in those areas that need changing. They will keep showing up until positive changes are made.

One does not have to be a shaman to learn, and meet the animal spirit guides that are in your life. The resources for exploring Animal Wisdom have become easier to find. Bring your curiosity, an open mind, desire for learning, and a little skepticism. In time and practice this newfound awareness grows, giving you a greater love and respect for this planet and all the magic still here to discover.

Sandi Anderson, a skilled energetic healing practitioner and medical intuitive, is also a Spiritual Life Coach and the owner of Healing Intentions. She practices her healing work locally.

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