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Love Those Tomatoes

Despite being one of the most popular crops that we Americans love to grow, tomatoes come with a whole barrage of issues most seasons.  Here are some tips to planting, growing and enjoying your best tomatoes yet.

According to Organic Gardening, planted too early tomatoes will just hang out while it warms up enough before they start growing and setting fruit.

So about a week before you want to transplant your seedlings, spread black garbage bags over the area.   It will soak up solar heat and increase the soil temperature making it a more enjoyable place when your plant moves in.

Want Them Early?

Choose varieties that mature in fewer than 60 days like Early Girl. Cherries and grape tomatoes often ripen faster than large varities like beefsteaks. However if you value taste over speed, other varieties that take longer have a better flavor.

Prune for More Fruit

Tomato plants will go nuts if they aren’t controlled.  Suckers emerge on the spot where a tomato leaf attaches to the stem and as it grows, each sucker becomes another stem.  However removing those stragglers helps the plants stay upright, improves quality and quantity of fruit because of increase air circulation.  So like cutting your hair, trim those suckers off to improve the health of the plant and increase the yield you’ll harvest.

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