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Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies

By Debbie Koteras, Mother Nature’s Food, Inc

Many of our homeopathic remedies have been in use for over 150 years so they have very nice usage and safety track records.

Allium cepa is a good remedy to look at for allergy symptoms. For this remedy to be effective, the person would have sneezing, sore, watery eyes, clear mucus running from the nose that burns or that makes the underside of the nose sore and red. The person may say their nose is “running like a faucet” and they feel better for a short time after splashing cold water on their face. It is also the most common remedy used for colds.

Histaminum hydro can be very helpful for hay fever, skin allergy, and food allergy. When picking your dilution remember that low dilutions(6C) are more appropriate for local symptoms and high dilutions(30C) are best for general and behavioral symptoms.

Nux vomica is a remedy for a person with seasonal allergies who is highly irritable and perhaps is rather Type A in personality: hard driving, ambitious and a high achiever. To use this remedy on a person, they would have eyes and nose that are dry during the day and watery at night and would be sensitive to odors.

With homeopathic remedies, you need to match your symptoms to the symptoms the remedy works on. If these don’t match up, the remedy probably won’t work.

To use the homeopathic remedies, take two to three doses of the remedy, about 60 to 90 minutes apart. If your symptoms go away, don’t take any more remedy until the symptoms return. If the symptoms return and are exactly the same, repeat the remedy. If the symptoms return and they are different, you will need to choose a different remedy.

If the remedy helped for a few doses, then didn’t help so much, you will need to choose a different remedy. If you take more of the remedy or if you increase the dose or take it more often, hoping the remedy will “kick in,” you won’t get relief. With homeopathy, either the remedy works or it doesn’t. If it does not work, or stops working, you will need to choose another remedy.

If you have multiple symptoms that fall under different remedies, know that there are products that combine remedies that many people find helpful for allergies.

If you have other questions please give us a call at Mother Natures Food, Inc at (715) 834-2341. Be well!

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