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Holistic Pet Tips

De-hair the Chairs

If it takes a moment to notice that the cat or dog is not, in fact, sitting on the couch, recliner, or upholstered chair, defuzzing is your first priority. Don’t waste your time with a lint roller; it’s ineffective for a large task like this. Instead, don a pair of clean rubber gloves. Run your hands over the arms, seat, and back of the furniture, gathering and tossing the fur as it balls up. For water-safe upholstery (which doesn’t change or transfer color when blotted with a damp cloth in a hidden spot), wet the gloves for better pickup.

Yoghund, yogurt for your pooch

Made with low fat yogurt, probiotics, and organic fruits, your pets will go nuts over this treat. Keeping it frozen, lets Fido work on it for a good amount of time and challenge. Serve it thawed in a bowl so the carton doesn’t get eaten in the frenzy of excitement. If he does get some of the packaging, not to worry, it’s biodegradable and nontoxic., $5.99/4 cups.

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