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Green Cleaners Tried and Tested

We’ve been there before. Standing in the middle of the cleaning isle at Target surrounded by choices upon choices of sprays, wipes and concentrates. It seems the choices expand every time you shop. Real Simple magazine did some research and found the following choices to be some of the best green cleaners out there.

Best Anti-Germ

Seventh Generation Multi-surface cleaner | Powered by thyme extract to eliminate germs naturally, but it has an overpowering scent so maybe sniff before buying to make sure it’s the right choice for your nose.

Most Luxurious

Murchison-Hume Counter Intelligence | Chemical free, Safe to use in food zones, and with a white grapefruit scent, who can say no to this natural germ fighter.

Most Addictive

Parsley Plus | Nontoxic and effective with a fresh parsley sent, this one is green to infinity. You actually miss cleaning the bathroom.

Best Unscented

Better Life Whatever! | No scents, dyes, or ammonia, this is a great option for sensitive systems.

Best for dried counter-top spots or toothpaste hunks in the sink

Clorox Green Wipes | These powerful wipers get their strength from coconut oil and corn. Best bang for your natural buck.

J.R. Watkins Wipes | Watkins has been making natural products for 100+ years, so they have some serious green history. And the lemony citrus scent doesn’t hurt the job either.

Best for Kitchen Floors and Decks

Shaklee Get Clean Basic H2 | This powerful cleaner uses only teaspoons worth of soap to gallons of water for the longest lasting option. Mix the right strength depending on the job. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose | The most aromatic choice in rose, geranium, and clove oils, this grime fighter smells heavenly and works with muscle.

Mildest Scent

Ecover All Purpose | Lemony fresh makes this soap the mildest scented while being made by a super-green company – double bonus for you!

Best Bucket for your Buck and the earth!

Mod Bucket | It’s made from recycled soda bottles. This dirt-trapping bucket has channels along the bottom that separate the dirt from the clean soapy water, making your job easier and more green.

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