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Flat Stomach, Defined Abs—The Quick and Easy Way

by Mitch Hell

One of the biggest goals people want to achieve is to see a flat stomach and abdominal definition. Let me give you some tips to actually make that happen. Remember, you have the power to change where you are tomorrow by the decisions you make today. So make good ones! The most important part in achieving a flatter stomach and muscle definition in your abdominals is to take action right away. As you read through the list of tips and tricks, remember that they will do you no good just reading them; you MUST take action!

In order to see your abdominal muscles, you must first know that you must lose body fat. I know many people that have great abs, but you just can’t see them because they have body fat laying over them. One of the quickest ways to rid body fat from your stomach area is to eat balanced and planned out meals. Also, it helps to eat frequently, which revs-up your metabolism, so you will burn that fat while you sleep or rest.

When working out, dedicate about 3 days a week to abdominal exercises. When doing abdominal exercises, be sure to concentrate on keeping your abdominal muscles contracted and tight while performing them. This keeps the muscles activated the entire time and will double your results in a fraction of the time.

Along the lines of exercise, be sure to work every part of your abdominal region. This means you must work: your upper abs, lower abs, side obliques, lower back, and the inner most layer of your abdominals called the transverse abdominals. What exercises hit each of these muscle groups? For the upper abs, any crunching motion that elevates the head is great. For the lower abs, any movement that raises the legs to your chest will work. For the side oblique’s, any crunching exercise that rotates side to side will do. The lower back is also a very important muscle to work with abdominal exercises because it’s the opposite muscle of the abs. You must keep them balanced at all times. For the lower back, any kind of (deadlift) bowing motion will do great. And finally, the transverse abdominals! These can be worked by any exercise that works on stability of the core, such as a plank!

Let your muscles recover before working them again. This means if you worked your abdominals on Monday, rest them until Wednesday. Rest allows your muscles to grow and the body fat to fall off.

Stay away from simple sugar! Heavy consumption of simple sugars is one of the easiest ways to pack on solid FAT around your stomach region. Limit and monitor simple sugar intake and try to always keep it low.

When following these simple tricks and tips, you will see amazing results. Keep at it and take action!

Mitch Hell, Golds Gym Fitness Expert, NCSF-CPT |,

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