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Experiencing SAD? Try an Infrared Sauna!

It’s this time of the year, around February, and not the days of shortest sunlight, that seasonal affective disorder—or SAD—is most prevalent. If you’re experiencing lethargy, fatigue, irritability, aches and pains, loneliness, depression, anxiety, nervousness, and a feeling of disconnection, you may be experiencing SAD.  While only about 15 percent of the population report these symptoms, SAD is more likely in northern climates and women are three times more likely to experience it than men.

Anthony William, known as the Medical Medium, says if you’ve been diagnosed with SAD, first look for the underlying causes. “Seasonal changes only highlight issues that are already present with your body. We may exercise less, make unhealthy food choices,” he says. “On top of that, we’re getting less sunlight.” He suggests healthy food choices and specific supplements, but he also recommends use of an infrared sauna.

It was while reading a book by the Medical Medium that Marilyn Nicanor was inspired to find and try out an infrared sauna for herself. She’d been having lots of brain fog and aches and pains. She used an infrared sauna in Madison, and it energized her and relieved her pain. “In his writings, the Medical Medium listed all the benefits of the infrared sauna. He talked about how we can have lots of metals in our bodies and the symptoms they cause. The metals interfere with neurotransmitters doing their jobs. He says the infrared sauna detoxes the metals from your liver, which helps both brain fog and SAD.”

She decided to purchase an infrared sauna and open a business so that others could benefit too. Rays of Sol opened in Altoona July 9, 2019. “Infrared is the invisible part of the sunlight’s spectrum,” Nicanor notes. “Try it once, see what effects it has on you.” Detoxing itself can help elevate your mood. It cleanses toxins from the liver and both the circulatory system and the lymphatic systems.

An infrared sauna is different from a traditional sauna because it penetrates deeper into your skin to better detoxify you. Nicanor recommends a session in an infrared sauna two times a week for thirty minutes each.

“Chromotherapy, color therapy, provides the seven colors of the light spectrum,” she explains. “Infrared is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum and is essential for all living things to grow.” At Rays of Sol, Nicanor also has a LumNIR device that can be added to a sauna session and provides infrared light, LED light, and red lights that can help address SAD.

Melatonin over-produced in darkness or lack of sunlight can contribute to depression. High levels of it are found in people with SAD. Infrared therapy can create release of more serotonin, which is a stimulating hormone. Sunlight is the perfect blend of all seven colors of the light spectrum. But specific wavelengths or colors of the light spectrum may help SAD more.

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