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Editor’s Note » November/December ‘11

WOW, I can’t believe it’s already the holidays. We hope that the colder weather, the excitement of the holidays, and this issue, all find you well. Man, did we pack this issue full of great stuff.

Not only do we have our local (and eco) gift guide, which I personally think is our best one yet, but we also have your guide to a relaxing and calm holiday season. My wonderful husband subjected himself to weeks of massages and other relaxation treatments so we could put together a guide of all the ways to relax this season. So I hope you enjoy it. He sure did! Our goal was to let you know of the options there are in the Chippewa Valley and Northern Wisconsin, so when it comes time to buy for your Aunt Gertie, you might think a relaxing experience would be good this year.

Our local gift guide is just that, local and gift worthy. We found products that anyone is sure to enjoy and they are all made right here in snowy-white Wisconsin. Plus, our eco-guide to the holidays gives you some great new options when it comes to wrapping, sending cards, and tying all those ribbons. Make them eco-friendly and everyone will enjoy a better Christmas.

Finally, I have to thank all those who participated in our Eat Local Challenge. The submissions were great. Read some on Pg. 18, as well as the lot of them on our blog at

Happy Holidays to all and Be Well!

– Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher

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