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Did You Know Compost Can…

Did You Know Compost Can:

  1. Suppress plant diseases and pests.

  2. Reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.

  3. Promote higher yields of agricultural crops.

  4. Facilitate reforestation, wetlands restoration, and habitat revitalization efforts by amending contaminated, compacted, and marginal soils.

  5. Cost-effectively remediate soils contaminated by hazardous waste.

  6. Remove solids, oil, grease, and heavy metals from storm water runoff.

  7. Capture and destroy 99.6 percent of industrial volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in contaminated air.

  8. Provide cost savings of at least 50 percent over conventional soil, water, and air pollution remediation technologies, where applicable.


Amount of material diverted per year from each household when you compost

Yard Waste trimmings account for 31 MILLION TONS of municipal solid waste in the US each year.

6.7% of the municipal solid waste in the United States is food scraps – that’s over 13.2 MILLION TONS per year!

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