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Dangers of Mercury in Dental Fillings

By: Jan Carroll

Various heavy metals enter our bodies through what we eat, drink, touch, and breathe, and then build up in several body organs. For at least some people, these metals can cause various health issues such as dementia, kidney and liver diseases, insomnia, personality changes, emotional instability, depression, panic attacks, memory loss, headaches, and vision disturbances. One source of mercury toxicity is dental amalgams or “silver” fillings.

Many people have amalgam fillings,and millions of new fillings are placed each yea. The American Dental Association and FDA state that they’re safe. Anti-amalgam dentists say they aren’t. Those who oppose amalgams say that mercury vapors can be released into the body during filling placement or removal, or when fillings arcracked, heated, or exposed to acidic juice or hot coffee.

There have been several studies showing the dangers of amalgams, and they have been banned in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. In the United States, however, the FDA ruled that the levels of mercury vapor released “are not high enough to cause harm in patients” and that only a few people are mercury sensitive.

The good news is that less amalgams are being used, almost 50 percent less, in the last seven years. But if you still have older amalgams, should you have them removed? Anti-amalgam dentists say yes, doing so will help your immune system and will positively affect your health.

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