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Consider a Therapeutic Massage for You This Holiday Season

When I sit and think about the holidays, it brings me back to my childhood. The crisp, cold air, the exuberating scents steaming from the kitchen, and the delightful gathering of family, friends, thankfulness, faith, and good health.

Have you taken the time to reminisce this holiday season?

It is certainly no secret that the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful: shopping for a perfect gift, getting prepared for family, cooking and cleaning, decorating, and all that goes along with the holiday hustle and bustle. At times I think we often get overwhelmed and stressed fulfilling others’ holiday wishes and forgetting to take time out for ourselves to regain focus and balance for our well-being.

Have you ever considered a therapeutic massage to contest that “overwhelmed” holiday feeling?  The benefits of a therapeutic massage are astounding, especially in helping relieve stress. Many studies have proven the negative effects of prolonged stress, causing chronic muscle pain, forgetfulness, hypertension, lowered immune function, and fatigue, not to mention the other deleterious effects.

Many of us are unaware that when becoming stressed and overwhelmed with planning, shopping, cleaning, and being selfless, our bodies are secretly battling a chemical called cortisol.  The chemical cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone, is a naturally produced hormone with a primary function of increasing blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, suppressing the immune system, and aiding the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. When our bodies are under stress for prolonged periods of time the over-production of cortisol can cause significant adverse physiological effects.

So, this holiday season keep in mind the effects of stress and the advantages of a therapeutic massage. A monthly therapeutic massage allows your body to cleanse toxins and function optimally. The physical manipulation of muscles and tissues increases blood and lymphatic circulation, allowing your circulatory system to cleanse itself naturally and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refueled.

Season’s greetings and happy holidays from Isabell & Eve Therapeutic Massage


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