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Chiropractic and Healing Potential

by Dr. Judy Soborwicz

Chiropractic is a powerful way to preserve our connection to our internal healing systems. From our immune function, stress response, digestion, hormone health, to everything in between; our internal regulation and optimization occurs at the connection between our brain and body. Chiropractic health care focuses specifically on maintaining this special connection at the highest potential throughout our lifetime.

Our frame and structure are made up of finely sculpted boney connective joints/tissues with large and fine muscle groups for moving.  The immense precision intended during the creation of our structure induces wonder and respect by anyone who has taken the time to truly observe it in action.  In other words, our system is set up, self regulated—for expression of vitality and health.  To suffer with conditions of the body without addressing our prime regulator of health and well-being is akin to a novice baking a soufflé without direction.  When given the option to have help, we would no question, take it.

We are our most powerful at healing and vitality when we are using our design in a directed way to express our potential. Our movement and balance of our frame is one hundred percent initiated by our brain and relayed through our nerve system.  The direction of our body from our brain is mutually beneficial, as movement of our body also maintains size and quantity of nerve cells deep within our brain.  This input/output interplay between our brain and body is dependent on motion.

When movement patterns are altered due to sports injury, slips, falls, auto accidents, even the birth process itself, our brain begins an adaptive process.  This adaptation is based on our brains best alternative available at the time of insult.  At it’s best, the brain will preserve energy and insure survival.  When our brain directs our body in an adaptive state we experience a lowered state of health.  Arthritis, heavy legs, muscle pain, loss of energy, nerve pain, back pain, joint pain, high blood pressure, digestive issues are some signs of our body being unable to flip our switch to a more efficient, less stressful pattern.  Our body becomes less able to correct on its own when stress has been prolonged or injuries multiplied.

Chiropractic gait analysis allows for a window into the efficiency of our brain and body communication.  Movement of our frame reveals stress points, adaptations, and compensations, this observation is used to reveal injuries old and new, and reverse our inefficient energy draining patterns.  Identification provides a gateway to correction; the coordinated interplay between the brain, joint, and muscle patterns provides the method to identify faults.

Specific gentle chiropractic adjustments are used to address areas requiring correction. This process enhances our ability to express an overall optimal level of health. A seven year study showed that patients whose primary physician was a chiropractor, experienced: 60 percent fewer hospital admissions, 59 percent fewer days in the hospital, 62 percent fewer outpatients surgery, and 85 percent fewer pharmaceutical costs.

Chiropractic is an exceptional method to explore our fullest human potential and experience uncommon healing.

Dr. Judy has personally experienced the benefits of chiropractic care for years. Her inspiration to help build health through natural methods, led to Palmer College of Chiropractic where she obtained her doctorate degree.  Dr. Judy actively pursues advanced studies in chiropractic methods, nutrition and pediatric chiropractic.


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