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CBD Use for Dogs and Cats

By Melissa Kullman, Puckabee's Eco-Friendly Grooming

The use of CBD oil has become more mainstream in the last few years. Many of us have heard of CBD for human use and have tried it ourselves. Not everyone is aware of how beneficial CBD is for dogs and cats, too.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural chemical found in both hemp and marijuana plants. CBD mimics the endocannabinoids that are found throughout the body. In all vertebrates, endocannabinoids work to regulate body systems, signaling when a particular system needs to slow down or speed up in order to bring it back into balance. When CBD is derived from hemp or is isolated from the marijuana plant, it does not contain the psychoactive chemical component THC that is responsible for making the user feel “high.” Because CBD does not contain THC, it is safe not only for humans to use on a daily basis, but for our dog and cat family members, too.

CBD offers so many benefits to dogs and cats—the first of which is anxiety reduction and management. Many of us have noticed an increased anxiety in our pets as we have returned to more normal work lives in the recent months. Many pet parents also notice situational anxiety during car rides, trips to the vet and groomer, travel and boarding, storms, fireworks, and other holiday festivities. The daily use of CBD can help your dog or cat manage and ease the symptoms of anxiety, and when used during those few stressful days of a dog and cat’s life, it can help them to feel calmer and more peaceful.

Another place where CBD really shines is the reduction and, depending on the severity, elimination of pain and inflammation. Here is a place where we can really change the quality of life for our dogs and cats, especially seniors. As dogs and cats age we notice them slowing down because of inflammation, stiffness, and arthritis in their ligaments and joints. Dogs and cats feel the pain of aging, too. They don’t get up and down the stairs like they used to, need help getting in the car, can't keep up with runs or walks, and take a little longer to get out of bed. These are all signs of joint pain, stiffness, inflammation, and needing help. Regular daily use of CBD can help your buddy feel more like his or her self again by reducing inflammation and managing their pain.

CBD is also a great addition to treatment after an injury. Because CBD helps to reduce inflammation, it has the potential to expedite the healing process as well as manage pain.

There have been many medical studies done to determine the effectiveness of CBD in dogs and cats, and studies have shown very positive findings. Harvard and Cornell Universities have both done studies and have concluded that CBD is very effective in reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammation. The trick to getting the most out of CBD is finding the correct dose. Because every dog and cat is different in their size and in severity of their ailment, it may take days to a few weeks to determine the perfect dose. It is important to start out at a lower dose and slowly increase over days to a few weeks, while closely monitoring your dog or cat's change in health and behaviors. Work closely with your CBD provider and veterinarian to ensure optimum results for your best buddy.

CBD for dogs and cats can be easily obtained online and in the Eau Claire area. A few reliable brands online include Charolette’s Web and Green Roads. Locally you can find CBD at Puckabee’s Eco-Friendly Grooming (108 E Grand Ave, Eau Claire), Wonders of Nature (416 South Barstow St, Eau Claire), and Mother Nature’s Food (2434 London Rd, Eau Claire).

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